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  In Beijing Translation Company, our translators will encounter translations from various industries. Trademark translation is one of the most common ones. Do you know the principles of trademark translation?

  商标的命名是一种特殊的词汇使用,有其鲜明的特点:标志性泛亚电竞|在线登录、简明性泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、适应性泛亚电竞|在线登录、艺术性泛亚电竞|在线登录、严肃性和稳定性,而商标命名的方式也有多种多样泛亚电竞|在线登录。奈达的等效翻译理论和诺德的翻译目的论都为商标的翻译提供了有力的理论依据泛亚电竞|在线登录。源语中的商标有其独特的社会功能和目的,那么译语中的译名也应以此为依归泛亚电竞|在线登录,使译名在译语中达到相似甚或相同的效果。 因此,商标翻译需要充分考虑商标用词的特殊性,特别是双语间的文化差异、民族心理及审美差异等因素,提供清楚泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、准确的商品信息, 达到诱发读者购买欲望的目的, 最大限度地获得与原商标同等的品牌效果泛亚电竞|在线登录。

  Trademark naming is a special vocabulary, which has its distinct characteristics: symbolism, conciseness, adaptability, artistry, seriousness and stability. Nida's Equivalent Translation Theory and Nord's Skopostheorie provide a strong theoretical basis for trademark translation. The trademark in the source language has its unique social function and purpose, so the translated name in the target language should also be based on it, so that the translated name can achieve similar or even the same effect in the target language. Therefore, trademark translation needs to take full account of the particularity of trademark terms, especially the cultural differences, national psychology and aesthetic differences between bilingual languages, to provide clear and accurate commodity information, so as to induce readers'desire to buy, and to maximize the same brand effect as the original trademark.

  1 文化性原则

  1 Principle of Culture

  商品译名要适应译入语消费者心理泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、风俗习惯和道德观念泛亚电竞|在线登录,“客随主便泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,入乡随俗”泛亚电竞|在线登录, 要考虑销售地的历史泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、文化、风俗泛亚电竞|在线登录,而不是遵从源语的文化风俗泛亚电竞|在线登录。如韩国起亚的SUV 车Sportage 译成狮跑,给驾车者一种“如驭雄狮泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,威猛狂飙”的感觉泛亚电竞|在线登录,符合中国人的心理,是个很好的译名泛亚电竞|在线登录。太阳神口服液的商标想向世人表明该口服液能够令人充满青春活力泛亚电竞|在线登录,没有直接译成the god of the sun,译者在翻译时进行了文化转换泛亚电竞|在线登录, 译为Apollo泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,古希腊太阳神的意思,代表着“光明泛亚电竞|在线登录、青春”泛亚电竞|在线登录,有符合源语本意泛亚电竞|在线登录。而金鸡牌闹钟Golden Cock中的cock除了有公鸡的意思外泛亚电竞|在线登录,还有男子生殖器之意泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,试问谁愿购买这样的闹钟,后不得不改为G o l d e nRooster泛亚电竞|在线登录。

  The translation of commodity names should be adapted to the psychology, customs and moral concepts of consumers in the target language, and take into account the history, culture and customs of the place of sale rather than the cultural customs of the source language. For example, Kia's SUV Sportage is translated into Lion Running, which gives the driver a sense of "lion control, fierce speed", which is in line with the Chinese mentality, and is a good translation name. The trademark of Sun Shen Oral Liquid wants to show the world that the oral liquid can make people full of youthful vitality. It has not been translated directly into the God of the sun. The translator has made a cultural transformation and translated it into Apollo. The meaning of Sun Shen in ancient Greece represents "light and youth", which is in line with the original meaning of the source language. The cock in Golden Cock not only has the meaning of cock, but also has the meaning of male genitals. Ask who would like to buy such an alarm clock, and then have to change it to G o l d e n Rooster.

  2 优势性原则

  2 Principle of Advantage

  商标是商品参与市场竞争的重要工具泛亚电竞|在线登录,知名度越高越好。商标用语要突出商品的优势和特色,使消费者一看就会产生信任,过目不忘泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,产生强烈的购买欲望泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录。如Budweiser 啤酒译为百威泛亚电竞|在线登录,这种啤酒会使人产生“百兽之王泛亚电竞|在线登录,威风凛凛”的豪气泛亚电竞|在线登录,自然畅销泛亚电竞|在线登录。丰田公司Lexus豪华轿车这个品牌名是丰田花了3.5 万美元请美国一家取名公司命名的,Lexus 的读音与英文“豪华”(L e x u )一词相近泛亚电竞|在线登录,使人联想到该车是豪华轿车的印象,译为“凌志”泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,开这种豪华轿车使人“胸有凌云之志”泛亚电竞|在线登录,受到成功人士的热烈欢迎泛亚电竞|在线登录。译者要深入研究商品的产地、质量、作用、性能泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、工艺水平泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录、文化情调、市场定位和信誉,才能创出既符合商标所有人的初衷,又体现商品特色译名。

  Trademark is an important tool for commodities to participate in market competition. The higher the popularity, the better. Trademark terms should highlight the advantages and characteristics of commodities, so that consumers will have trust at a glance, never forget, and have a strong desire to buy. If Budweiser beer is translated into Budweiser beer, this kind of beer will give rise to the heroism of "King of Beasts, Majesty" and naturally sell well. Toyota's Lexus luxury car is a brand name that Toyota spent $35,000 asking an American company to name. The pronunciation of Lexus is similar to the English word "luxury". It reminds people of the impression that the car is a luxury car, translated as "Lexus". Driving this luxury car makes people "ambitious" and is warmly welcomed by successful people. Translators should make a thorough study of the origin, quality, function, performance, technological level, cultural sentiment, market positioning and reputation of commodities in order to create translations that not only conform to the original intention of trademark owners, but also reflect the characteristics of commodities.

  3 审美性原则

  3 Principles of Aesthetics

  翻译是审美主体(译者)通过审美中介(译者的审美意识)将审美客体(原文)转换成另一种审美客体(译文)的一种审美活动泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录。这就要求译者在翻译时能给读者提供一个与原文审美效果相等的审美客体泛亚电竞|在线登录,以让译文读者通过自己的知识和经验来译文作品的审美价值泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录。商标的译名应具有通俗美泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,简洁美,奇特美泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,音韵美泛亚电竞|在线登录,和意境美泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录。著名品牌“美加净”得益于汉语“单字表意”的特点, 取“美丽更添干净”之意泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录泛亚电竞|在线登录,若译为beautiful & clean泛亚电竞|在线登录,显得拖沓冗长泛亚电竞|在线登录,不符合商标名简洁的审美特点。

  Translation is an aesthetic activity in which the aesthetic subject (translator) transforms the aesthetic object (original text) into another aesthetic object (translation) through the aesthetic intermediary (translator's aesthetic consciousness). This requires the translator to provide the reader with an aesthetic object equal to the aesthetic effect of the original text, so that the translator can use his knowledge and experience to realize the aesthetic value of the translated works. The translation of trademarks should have the beauty of popularity, conciseness, peculiarity, rhyme and artistic conception. The famous brand "Mega Jing" benefits from the characteristics of "single word meaning" in Chinese, and takes the meaning of "beautiful and clean" as its translation, which seems to be protracted and lengthy and does not conform to the aesthetic characteristics of concise trademark names.

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